Hawkeye IQ Modular Range
This Hawkeye modular range is compatible with the Snell IQ modular frame and has been developed to monitor and switch broadcast signals including ASI transport streams.

Any combination and mix of Hawkeye and Snell IQ modules can be housed in the same frame saving space and money. The IQ frame, PSUs and any appropriate Snell modules can be purchased directly from dB Broadcast.

  • Hawkeye ASI monitoring and switching modules
    ASI TS monitor module, including PID test, with 2x2 near-Seamless switch
  • Hawkeye DVB receiver modules
    IQDBT105 DVB-T2 terrestrial monitoring receiver
  • Hawkeye Software
    Configuration interface (Windows) for IQASI80 series modules
  • Hawkeye Frames and PSUs
    3RU frame including 2xPSU and Ethernet Gateway controller card
    3RU frame including single PSU and Ethernet Gateway controller card